Can I Grow Strawberry Plants Indoors?

There is absolutely no reason why you should not grow strawberry plants indoors. It would seem that more of us than ever before are turning to gardening as a bit of stress relief. Perhaps the epidemic has made us realise the importance of “plant therapy.”

Urban gardening is very much the latest craze in the UK. Not only can you turn your terrace into a green oasis, but you can also use it for growing your own fruit, vegetables and berries. Why don’t you find out if you can find some strawberry plants for sale? These lovely berries make a delicious sweet treat both for breakfast and dessert and are perfect for freezing. 

Are Strawberries Easy To Grow? 

Strawberry plants are easy to grow. Not only are they the best berry start with when you want to grow berries, but they are appreciated by the entire family. It would appear that this is the one fruiting berry plant that the entire nation loves no matter what age group you are in. 

Look after your strawberry plants well and they will go on to last for many years to come. 

Can I Grow Strawberries In A Pot? 

Yes, you can grow strawberries in a pot. But, as it is a rather cheap plant to buy, why not invest in more than one. Towering and stacking systems make it easy for you to fit in this gorgeous red berry almost anywhere. 

When you grow several strawberry plants, you don’t have to worry about pollination. Most insects are easily attracted to this plant and will help you to pollinate it. 

How Many Berries Will I Get From My Strawberry Plant? 

When you look after your strawberry plant in the right way, your plant will carry on producing berries for a long time. It really loves it when you pick the strawberries. 

Feed your strawberry plant once a month and it should do well. During the winter time, you may want to cover it up with some straw to protect it. In late spring, it will not take long for your strawberry plant to come back to life. 

Chives, lettuce and borage make good companion plants for your strawberries. Companion planting is a useful tool when it comes to reducing unfriendly pests that would rather eat your strawberries than let you enjoy them. 

 It is easier than you may think to create a productive green oasis almost anywhere, and no green oasis is complete without a strawberry plant.