Which Vegetables are Most Suitable for Hanging Baskets?

green lettuce, lettuce leaves

Hanging baskets is a vegetable gardening method that uses the vertical space of gardens to create more garden space. It’s an excellent solution for gardeners who lack horizontal space and use containers instead. As with any other type of container, hanging baskets are great for growing vegetables; but some are specifically suited for it. It’s not … Read more

Styling and Designing Your Vegetable Garden

old man sitting in the middle, tables covered in blue checkered cloth, garden surrounded by circle fruits

Growing your own vegetable garden in your backyard is not just therapeutic but can also be aesthetically pleasing and relaxing. Aside from these, it also saves you money as you are growing your own food and eating fresh supply of vegetables, fruits, and herbs than you can use every day. Before starting your own … Read more

Vegetable Gardening: The Basics and Things to Consider

potted vegetable seedlings, brown square pots, black soil

Gardening isn’t an easy feat, and it requires work, so here are some basic skills and things you should consider when you want to venture into vegetable gardening. PLANNING Choose the location of your vegetable garden The first and the most important step in planning for your garden is choosing its location. A minimum … Read more