The Ultimate Guide to Pet-friendly End of Tenancy Cleaning

Offering limitless affection, companionship, and sheer happiness, pets hold significant roles within our families. Whether it’s an energetic puppy, a curious kitten, or a charming parrot, each presents unique challenges for those committed to maintaining a clean and odour-free home.

However, as you prepare to depart from your rental premises, addressing pet-related messes such as fur, odours, and stains becomes paramount to leave the space in flawless condition. In this guide, we will explore effective end-of-lease cleaning strategies tailored specifically to combat pet hair, odours, and stains, ensuring a flawless and welcoming atmosphere for the subsequent occupants.

Gather the Right Tools

Equip yourself with the necessary tools before delving into deep cleaning. Arm yourself with a vacuum cleaner equipped with specialised pet attachments, lint brushes, and dependable microfiber cloths – these are your key assets for banishing pet hair and dander from every conceivable hiding place. Additionally, consider using enzyme-based cleaners, as they are highly effective against stubborn odours and stains.

Tackling Pet Hair

Vacuum Thoroughly

Commence the cleaning process by going over all carpeted areas, rugs, and upholstered items using a powerful vacuum cleaner to clean out pet hair and dander. Use a pet-specific vacuum cleaner with a reputable attachment or a system of high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filters for optimising the capture of tiny particles.

Provide the same spotless cleaning standard to parts of your house where your pet stays or relaxes, such as pet beds, sofas, and preferred resting spots. Apply the cleaning practice and hoover under furniture and along baseboards in order to get the fur completely out of the house.

Use Lint Rollers

For such difficult areas or sensitive spots that take a long time to clean, such as curtains, lampshades, and clothing, try using a lint roller. What makes these handy little tools so awesome is their ability to grab pet hair that was left behind and give your space a neat and clean look.

Just glide the lint roller over the surface in firm, swift motions, and be sure to replace the adhesive sheets when necessary for peak effectiveness. But their usefulness extends beyond that; lint rollers are also perfect for removing pet hair from bedding, throw pillows, and other soft furnishings, protecting them from the potential damage of vacuuming.

Utilise Rubber Gloves

Alternatively, consider harnessing the power of rubber gloves. Dampen them slightly and glide your hands over upholstery and fabric surfaces in a sweeping motion to gather pet hair. The rubber material creates friction, causing pet hair to adhere to the gloves and lift away from the fabric. Periodically rinse the gloves to dislodge accumulated hair, ensuring continuous effectiveness until the surface is pristine.

Neutralising Pet Odours

Pet odours can tenaciously adhere to carpet fibres and upholstery, demanding a thorough, deep cleaning to effectively banish them. Employ the power of a carpet cleaner or steam cleaner to shampoo carpets and upholstery, focusing keenly on areas where pet mishaps may have been imprinted.

Select cleaning solutions specifically formulated to counteract pet odours, following manufacturer instructions meticulously to attain peak results. Guarantee the complete drying of carpets and upholstery prior to rearranging furniture, facilitating a revitalised and odourless living space.

Tackle Odors with Baking Soda

Baking soda emerges as a potent odour neutraliser that can eliminate bad smells. Sprinkle this humble yet potent powder liberally across affected areas – be it carpets, rugs, or the plush embrace of upholstered furniture. Grant ample time, ranging from a mere few hours to an overnight stay, to allow the baking soda to enact its absorbent magic, entrapping the noxious odours within its fine particles. Utilise a vacuum cleaner equipped with a pet-specific attachment to remove both the baking soda and trapped odours efficiently. Repeat the process as required until the odours are entirely eradicated.

Air Out the Space

Let the breeze dance through your abode by throwing wide the windows and doors, ushering in a breath of freshness to whisk away those persistent pet odours. Enhance the airflow within your dwelling with the aid of fans or air purifiers, strategically positioning them to maximise circulation and filtration, particularly in zones where pet smells hold sway. For a natural touch, consider deploying bowls with vinegar or activated charcoal to absorb odours and orchestrate a symphony of revitalised air.

Treating Pet Stains

Blot and Absorb

In the unfortunate event of pet-related accidents staining your carpets or beloved upholstery, swift action becomes paramount. Arm yourself with clean, absorbent towels or trusty paper towels to swiftly blot up any excess moisture, handling with care to avoid exacerbating the stain’s reach. With a gentle touch, apply pressure to coax out as much liquid as possible, laying the groundwork for subsequent stain removal endeavours.

Harness the Power of Enzymes

Enter the realm of enzymatic cleaners, meticulously crafted to destroy organic substances like pet urine, faeces, and vomit, thus eradicating stains and odours from their very origins. Following the manufacturer’s guidelines, apply the enzymatic solution to the afflicted area, ensuring comprehensive coverage in adherence to the instructions.

Grant the solution its rightful time to perform its enzymatic alchemy, allowing the potent enzymes to weave their transformative magic. Once the designated duration elapses, gently blot away any residual moisture, granting the treated area the liberty to bask in the gentle embrace of natural air currents until fully dried.

Steam Clean Hard Surfaces

When tackling pet-related stains and odours on hard surfaces such as tile, laminate, or hardwood floors, embrace the efficacy of steam cleaning. Arm yourself with a steam cleaner featuring a pet-specific attachment, ensuring a comprehensive sanitisation and deodorisation process free from harsh chemical additives.

Steam’s penetrating capability delves deeply into porous surfaces, dislodging stubborn dirt and grime while eliminating bacteria and unpleasant odours. Following the steam treatment, gently wipe surfaces with a clean, damp cloth to remove any remaining residue and reveal the radiant sheen underneath.


Dealing with the aftermath of pet-related mishaps, from pesky hair to stubborn odours and unsightly stains, stands as a crucial component of end of tenancy cleaning obligations for pet parents. Armed with these tailored strategies and insights, you can effectively banish pet hair, eradicate odours, and address stains, ensuring a fresh and welcoming atmosphere for incoming tenants.

Remember to commence the cleanup process promptly, employing the appropriate tools and solutions and acting swiftly to prevent stains from taking root. With a dash of dedication and meticulous attention to detail, you can bid adieu to your rental property, leaving it both pet-friendly and immaculate.