How to Decorate your Terrace with Various Decorative Elements

If you have a terrace, you can turn it into a space for leisure and relaxation with very little effort. Plants, outdoor furniture, umbrellas and lighting will give it your personal touch and you will gain one more space where you can have breakfast or share a dinner with friends. ElephantStock wall art offering you some ideas for you to enjoy it to the fullest to d├ęcor your terrace.

Awnings, Pergolas and Umbrellas

Depending on the size and orientation of the terrace, it may be necessary to install some type of element that provides shade. And apart from the traditional awnings, small pergolas and gazebos are manufactured so that you can adapt them without problems to your terrace. Be aware of the force of the wind and make sure to anchor them firmly.

If you have space problems, a shade sail or umbrella will perfectly serve the same purpose and are easier to dismantle at the end of the summer. They are manufactured in different colors so that they combine perfectly with the rest of the decorative elements of the terrace.

Louvers and Room Dividers

Lattices are ideal as room dividers or for growing climbing plants that will eventually cover it completely. They will allow you to hide certain parts of the terrace from the view of the neighbors or your own guests.

A lateral and extendable awning can also be useful, which is fixed to the wall and takes up very little space when not deployed, allowing passage or being sheltered on windy days.

Pots and Planters

Who said pots were boring? Models are made decorated with ethnic, geometric and colored elements so that you can fill the terrace with joy. The wooden flowerpots and planters can be decorated with special paint for exteriors of the color you want, and are manufactured in different sizes and shapes to adapt to any of your corners.

Do not forget the planters and supports with legs that will allow you to decorate different levels with your favorite plants, as well as the hanging pots that are made of plastic or natural materials. Wicker or natural fiber baskets will allow you to easily hide plastic pots if you use them as covers.

Choose the plants that you like the most taking into account the amount of sun or shade that your terrace receives. And do not forget that you can install a drip irrigation system to be able to leave with peace of mind for a few days or on vacation.

Shelves and Plant Stands

The walls are usually the big ones forgotten on the terraces, and it is easy to cover them with plants using wall pots or outdoor shelves. In addition to allowing you to increase the number of plants to grow, they will keep your home cooler by absorbing much of the sun’s rays.

Hanging plants can be grown in raised pots with legs or with supports of varying heights and materials. It will be easier for you to water them and above all, show them off. Aromatic ones are very well adapted to growing outdoors and you can have them on hand whenever you need them in the kitchen.

Garden Fountains

A fountain can be the central axis around which to build the decoration of a terrace. Of more classical inspiration or to create a more Zen atmosphere, you can choose between different models of garden fountains that work with solar energy so that you do not need any type of nearby plug.

The included battery charges during the day thanks to its solar panel and some models include led lights that turn on at night.In addition, many models are made of resin so it is easy to change their location thanks to their light weight.

Vertical Decorative Pots

They are an excellent idea that can be integrated with any space, especially patios. But if you have a small space, opt for vertical decorative pots. You will have a vertical garden but made with pots. This type goes perfect with caramel-colored furniture and dark tones.

Miniature Table

This is a great way to decorate a patio with small dimensions. The miniature tables are the perfect complement, since with them you can decorate the space, but you can also enjoy a sunny morning while having tea with a friend.