The Best Material for a Cheese Platter

Every cuisine worldwide acknowledges cheese as one of the magical ingredients that add a new touch to any meal. The way it melts into your mouth not only gives you a heavenly sensation but also forces you to serve a cheese platter to your guests to celebrate a flavorsome and unforgettable dinner party. A delicious and well-served platter will make your parties palatable and crown you as the best host in your circle. Sounds good, no?

As cheese platters make your lunch and dinners elemental, it is vital to have the best material while serving them. Some essential utensils that will make your platter stand out are ramekins, sliders, and knives. Let us look into this in detail.

That Cheese Board Counts!

One of the best ways to make your platter exciting and enthralling is choosing an ideal cheeseboard. Some of the best cheeseboard designs are made from wood, slate, glass, marble, or stone. Whatever material suits you, make sure that your board is large sized so that you can be as creative as you want.

Preferably, you should serve a few varieties of cheese, along with seasonal dry fruits, nuts, honey and jam, olives, meat, and crackers on your cheese board for an effortlessly startling appetizer.

Following is an elaborative description of these aesthetic cheese boards.

Wooden Cheese Boards

cheese platter;  wooden cheese board, slices of cheeses

Many cheese lovers purchase classy cheeseboards. These boards are gorgeous because wood is an excellent material for making a cheeseboard that will make your guests sing songs in your praises. Wooden boards come in myriads of shapes and textures to suit everyone’s taste. Customers highly demand cheeseboards made out of acacia wood and bamboo. Therefore, do check out some of them for enhancing the presentation of your appetizer!

Apart from adding a new dimension to your cheese platter, a wooden cheese board comes with countless benefits. Firstly, they are affordable, meaning you can buy a classy cheese board with a low budget. Moreover, you won’t have to work hard while cleaning your board. They also allow big blocks of cheese to be easily cut into reasonable slices according to everyone’s appetite. So cheese snobs, what are you waiting for?

Stone Cheeseboards

Stone cheeseboards are made out of varieties of marbles, such as agate. Marble cheeseboards look more elegant and exquisite in comparison to other types. The beauty of marble makes your platter seem ten times more delicious. These cheeseboards provide a cool surface to style your platter on. Not only do they impress your guests, but they also make them relish the dinner/lunch to the fullest.

Marble cheeseboards are better than wood in one way: they do not absorb smells as fast as wood does. However, as marble is porous, it can emit foul odors if not appropriately maintained. These boards provide the ideal temperature for your platter. In case you are planning a gathering outdoors in the sun, a marble cheeseboard might give you the best service. However, hard stone boards don’t get along with sharp knives. So it would help if you kept that in mind.

Glass Cheeseboards

Glass is a flawless material for manufacturing a cheeseboard. It has a glossy and likable surface to serve your tantalizing appetizer. Serve a few types of cheeses, along with some nuts, honey, and olives on a glass cheeseboard, and see how pleasing it looks yourself.

Glass cheeseboards come in numerous designs. They are easily affordable. Unlike marble cheeseboards, glass cheeseboards aren’t heavy. Moreover, they don’t retain any smell because glass is not porous. Perhaps, the best thing about them is that they are not susceptible to damage by kitchen knives. What can be better than having a cheeseboard that looks new even after years of being purchased? Despite all these wow-factors, we must not forget that glass can break if you drop it. Therefore, you must be careful while handling your board.

Slate Cheeseboards

The use of slate to make cheeseboards proved to be a successful and popular attempt. There are different kinds of slate. The type of slate used in kitchenware is non-porous. Thus, you will no longer have to worry about your cheeseboard absorbing undesirable smells and flavors. Amazing, right?

To add to the craziness, these cheeseboards are easily-washable. Moreover, acids in food, such as tomato sauces, cannot corrode slate. Unfortunately, this feature cannot be seen in marble. In short, slate cheeseboards are a must because of their elegance and commendable features.

Metallic Cheeseboards

Cheeseboards made out of metal alloys are also available in the market these days. Metal alloys, like brass and steel, are used to manufacture these cheeseboards. They have the advantage of being robust. No matter how hard you drop it, there are minimum chances for it to break. Their elegance largely depends upon their design. They are not easily stained and do not retain smells. However, several types of metallic cheeseboards get scratched easily and soon lose their splendor.

Choose the Right Knives, Spreaders, and Ramekins!

cheese platter with plants in the background; a huge slab of cheese, nuts, and a bowl on the cheese board

Apart from a characteristic cheeseboard, the right knives, spreaders, and ramekins are also essential to make that tantalizing cheese platter for throwing an unforgettable party. Your mind must be dwindling because of this long list of measures, but trust me, they are worth it!

You have to be peculiar while choosing your knives. To avoid any inconvenience for your guests, you should determine the cheese type. Hard cheeses like Gouda, cheddar, and marble require sharp knives. On the other hand, soft cheese like brie and Camembert can get cut with any knife you have, so don’t spend too much time looking for a sharp-edged one. Another pro-tip to accentuate that restraint-like feeling is that do not cut your cheese before serving. However, if it is a hard cheese, then you may cut it into slices.

Plus, don’t forget to place a few spreaders next to your platter. It won’t only make your platter look complete and delicious but will also make your guests visit you over and over again. Make sure that you use the best spreaders available at your home!

To finish off, put some nuts, sauces, crackers, honey, jam, olives, and meat in well-designed containers or ramekins. It is essential to use graceful ramekins if you really want to be called as the best host in your friend or family circle.

Remember that tantalizing appetizers will make your guests visit you over and over again.So put in your best effort in choosing the best material for your platter.


Cheese platters are increasingly becoming one of the most famous appetizers around the world. They can be made quickly and effortlessly but still, greatly impact your reputation as a host. Therefore, we can say that the need to have the best materials for serving your platter is inevitable. To accentuate your platter’s stylish appearance, you should choose the best available knives, spreaders, and ramekins.