Top 7 Farms In The World

Farms In The World

Agriculture sector is considered, one of the essential elements in the development of a country. It acts as a primary raw material in the production of different products. World population is fed through agriculture therefore humans are investing to improve the yield of their agriculture products in order to meet the rapidly growing demands.

Farming is an occupation which is being practiced since centuries and the major turnover in farming came in 20thcentury which is called the British Agriculture revolution. This brought automatic fuel based tractors and machines which led to development of Factory farms and condensed animal feeding techniques. The world’s biggest farms are found in China and Australia because Australia has plenty of agriculture lands and it exports its agriculture products on the other hand China’s vast population has forced it to produce agriculture products for its own consumption.

Farms In The WorldThe biggest farm in the world is MUDANJIANG CITY MEGA FARM which is located in Heilongjiang, China. It is a dairy farm with land area of 22,500,000 acres and around 100,000 cow’s milk is supplied for dairy products.Its expansion took place in 2015 in response to Ukraine crisis when milk products from European Union where banned by Russia. China took the stance to supply dairy products in the Russian market.

The Second largest farm in the world is MODERN DAIRY which is located in Anhui, China. It is also a dairy farm with a land area of 11,000,000 acres and around 40,000 cattle which produces approximately 600 tons of milk every day. Its owner is China Modern Dairy Holding Ltd.

The third largest farm in the world is ANNA CREEK STATION which is located in South Australia. It is a cattle farm with around 17,000 cattle and its primary purpose is to use cattle’s for beef. The farm has some unique features which includes monitoring of cattle through implanted microchips. Farm manager collects and processes the data into company headquarter.

The fourth largest farm in the world is CLIFTON HILLS which is located in South Australia. It is also a cattle farm with a land area of 42, 00,000 acres and approximately 14,000 cattle. It was established in 1876 when it herded 1000 cattle.

Farms In The WorldThe fifth largest farm in the world is ALEXANDRIA which is located in Northern territory, Australia with land area of 4,000,000 acres and around 55.000 cattle. The unique features of the farm are that it has its own 10,000 bales of fodder production and the farm is considered to herd top quality cattle breeds which includes Brahman, Charbay and Belmont.

The sixth Largest Farm in the world is DAVENPORT DOWNS which is located in Queensland Australia with a land area of 3,700,000 acres. It is a cattle farm with around 29000 cattle and is considered 4th largest farm of Australia.

The seventh largest farm in the world is HOME VALLEY which is located in Western Australia with a land area of 3,500,000 acres. Its owner is Indigenous land Corporation and the farm is considered to be a holiday Resort since 2006.

Sustainable agriculture methods should be used else it can create a disastrous effect on the environment and land. Mega farms lead to economic benefits but they play equal role towards global warming through toxic gas emissions of machines. Environment is blessing which needs to be valued and protected.

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