15 Low-maintenance Indoor Plants

Growing plants are not for busy people. Well, this is partially true. Anyone can grow greenery, whether indoor varieties or outdoor types, despite their busy schedule every day, simply because there are plants that are easy-to-grow and requires less commitment. Although you go to your office every day but desire to have a mini garden of container-grown herbs or a few indoor ornamental plants, you can have the joy of growing taking care of low-maintenance indoor plants.

Here are some of the most grown low-maintenance indoor plants that are ideal for busy people or merely forgetful. Without daily care, they still thrive and bloom happily. Read some tips on how to cat proof your home and protect your cats.

Aloe Vera

Aloe barbadensis miller this plant will still stay by your side despite your forgetfulness or busy schedule, and you can’t recall when was the last time you gave a drink. Place them in your windowsill that receives lots of indirect sunlight. Too much light can dry aloe’s leaves.


Commonly known as Chinese evergreen, Aglaonema is a flowering plant native to Asia and new Guinea’s tropical and subtropical regions. This is best for planters that love watering as it can withstand excess water. It comes in a spectrum of colors, including green, pink, white, and red.


Don’t fret if you aren’t a green thumb. Called the “devil’s ivy”, this indoor plant can withstand nearly pitch-black conditions as well as under- and over-watering.

Jade Plant

Jade Plant

Its round leaves are amazing water reservoirs that make the plant survive more than a month without any attention whatsoever. Look for a sunny spot portion of your house and position the plant there (south- or west-facing, preferably) and water them when the soil feels dry.

Asparagus Fern

Asparagus setaceus, with other names that include asparagus grass, lace fern, climbing asparagus, or ferny asparagus, is a fluffy climbing plant which tolerates a lot more abuse than other ferns.  It’s technically not a fern but has leaves that resemble one. This low-maintenance indoor plant can live well in both bright spots and darker corners if you just keep the soil moist.

Chinese Money Plant

Chinese money plants in pots

Pilea peperomioides is a houseplant native to China and one of the most favorite indoor varieties because they are cute and easy-to-care-for.  It thrives in shady locations and one of the low-maintenance indoor plants that grows well with just a weekly watering.


Sun, sun, and more sun is what Yucca plants love and need. Plant them in deep and relatively big containers that can balance the top-heavy woody stems. This low-maintenance plant only requires minimal and infrequent watering.

Spider Plant

Chlorophytum comosum features fast-growing shoots that produce “babies” that you can re-pot. Take care of the spider plant by placing it in a well-lit spot and give weekly watering.

Peace Lily

Peace Lily

If you’re prone to overwatering, Spathiphyllum or Peace lilies are best for you. With enough light, they’ll produce spade-shaped flowers throughout the year.

English Ivy

Hedera helix is evergreen perennials that can also be an excellent addition to your indoor plants. These woody vines feature long tendrils that can be hanged from a mantel or shelf. Some of the best-potted varieties include Cascade, Domino, and Irish Lace.

Dragon Tree

A lot of space on your windowsill and tuck this low-light variety in a despised corner. However, be watchful if you have pets like dogs or cats, as this indoor plant contains toxins that can harm your pets.


Calathea plant with white blossom

This is commonly known as “Prayer plants” that produce beautiful foliage pretty. This plant loves moisture to grow best, so despite your workload, do not forget to water them at least every other day. Ensure that you put them in shady parts of your home.

Rubber Plant

Ficus plants native to Asia can reach over 100 ft tall. However, pruning can help keep the ornamental variety in check. A potted rubber tree can withstand bright direct light, but it will grow best in a slightly more shaded spot. Don’t water it every day; just give enough watering and wait about a week or so until the soil becomes dry and it will be ready for the next watering.

Ponytail Palm

Beaucarnea recurvata, is a low-growing ponytail palm that loves basking in a sunny window. Don’t overwater this indoor plant as its stems work off its reserves.


Large Philodendron leaves

True to its Greek name, there’s truly a lot to love about philodendrons. This is one of the most preferred indoor plants as it is low-maintenance and not really requiring much of your attention. Most types can tolerate dark corners as well as sparse watering.