Harvest Blackberries From Your Own Garden

In nature, blackberries are becoming increasingly rare. If you do come across blackberry plants for sale, you should buy them. Blackberries are packed with an abundance of antioxidants that you are not going to find in other berries.

Blackberry plants are relatively easy to grow. and most are pest-free.

If you want to increase your yield of blackberries, the best thing you can do is to grow them with fruit trees. So, when you are shopping for blackberry bushes, make sure that you keep your eyes open for fruit trees for sale. Both attract pollinators and beneficial insects to your garden.

Are Blackberry Plants Expensive?

Blackberry bushes are sometimes more expensive than raspberry bushes. They do take a little longer to grow, and this may be the reason why.

But, it is certainly worth paying extra for blackberries. They are simply delicious, and grown in the right spot, they will yield berries for a prolonged period of time.

When you are shopping around for fruit trees for sale, shop around for blackberries plants as well. You may find a good deal.

How Do I Grow Blackberries?

Once the frost is over, it is perfectly safe to plant out your young blackberry bushes. Depending on the variety, they may do better under slightly shadier conditions. Think about how they grow in their natural environment. Most of the time, you will find blackberries growing in hedge rows or on the hedge of a forest.

Blackberries seem to like to grow close to fruit trees, and you should try that. If this is your first time growing blackberries, perhaps you could try growing them on a couple of different locations in your garden.

Can I Freeze Blackberries?

Compared to raspberries, blackberries freeze much better. It is important to freeze them as soon as possible. But, that being said, they need to be cleaned before you freeze them.

The best way to clean berries, is to drop them individually into a large pot of cold water. Any nasty crawlies will soon leave the berry, and you will be left with a nice clean berry to freeze.

As we all know, blackberries taste great when cooked with apples. Before you decide on the variety that you would like to grow, make sure you do you research.

Also remember that blackberries are loved by birds. It is a good idea to try to provide some cover for your berries if you don’t want to share your harvest with hungry garden birds.