Best 4 Toilet Flushing Systems

Cleanliness is a necessity. One should always care for their hygiene as it prevents from getting many kinds of diseases. A flush toilet is used to dispose our affairs into a pipe that is primarily connected to the sewage system and leaves the toilet clean and odor free. Flush systems are the most common types of flushes that are used and you should investigate in the best type of flush system for you that you want to place in your house. All the systems have a different level of effectiveness and you shall probably select the system that you feel is right for you. Your main concerns are to get a system that cleans out the waste and also leaves behind a clear bowl.

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1. Gravity flush

This is one of the most common and the quietest flush system that you will come across. It works on the simple principles of gravity as the flushing pressure from the tank forces everything to go down , cleaning the bowl to the drainage pipes. It has a simple mechanism and operates effectively. The water is the main source that puts the pressure over the basin and cleans it up. This system is used worldwide. However, as there are no extra tools or technology involved in it, the need may arise to clean or maintain the cleanliness in a more proper way to keep it bacteria free.

2. Pressure Assisted

This kind of flush system is the newer technology. The system uses pressurized air to force the water into the bowl. It is more powerful than the gravity flush. It is also more noisier. As it uses pressurized air to force the water, the result is much cleaner than a gravity flush. If one has to choose between a gravity or pressure assisted flush and they still opt for the gravity flush, than it is just to avoid the noise that it can create. Other than that, it is a more effective flushing system.

3. Dual

These flushing systems are the new ones in the market. The best part about them is that you get the best of both the worlds. You get the two choices for a partial flush or a full flush. The system is gaining popularity day by day .You can use the partial flush when you want to eliminate the liquid waste and the full flush to eliminate the actual waste. It helps you save the water as well, as it uses the desired level only. IN this way it saves a good amount of money too.

4. Double Cyclone

The double cyclone is the latest technology from Toto. It is a good flushing system that gives the dual benefits of reduces water usage and increased power intensity. It has two nozzles instead of rim holes from which water is passed in a pressurized way, creating a cyclone effect, thus forcing a more clean and powerful flush. It also has some properties of a gravity flush, yet the system is interesting and the firm has benefited from launching this flushing system.

There are many toilet options available for your home.  Be sure to do your research and find the right option for you especially so you can avoid having to use plungers and augers.