How do I Tell if My Houseplant is Getting Too Much Water?

Several small potted plants on a wooden table

It may sound simple but watering your houseplant has its do’s and don’ts. Watering their plants is something many people struggle with doing correctly. This is because there are many variables that a person needs to counter to make sure the plant does not die because of excessive or insufficient water.  Overwatering … Read more

How Big of a Garden do I Need for My Family?

A huge garden with several trees, chairs, and a table

Planning out a garden for your own family can be a bit technical, but it is worth the time and effort. Depending upon your family size and your current garden, you might need some extra space to fulfill your dream of an optimal garden.  Are you tired of buying and eating fruits … Read more

Tips for Keeping from Getting Stung When Raising Bees

Top view of bees putting honey

Why do you think people raise bees? One of the main reasons is the extraction of fresh and natural honey to consume and sell. People often keep many hives to run their businesses as it can also be a source of income rather than just a hobby. Bees play an important role … Read more

The Ultimate Guide to Beekeeping

honeycomb with bees swarming over it

Beekeeping is nothing new. Before the initiation of commercially-produced sugars extracted from cane and beet, honey was widely used as natural sugar. People loved the natural sweetness of the liquid gold, that is, honey. An ancient human activity is to collect honey from the wild colonies of the bees, which is still … Read more

Best Cactus Varieties to Grow Indoors

Best Cactus Varieties to Grow Indoors

Cacti make a great indoor plant, and once established, they don’t need a lot of water and extra care. Almost all cactus plants have a dormant period in the winter season when you are supposed to reduce the quantity of water supplied and limit the light levels to some extent.  Whatever the … Read more