Discover Mudanjiang City Mega Farm

China is known to invest in extremely huge projects. Be it science, technology, automobiles, cell phones, smart TVs, and even dairy, it knows no limits. Today, its exports are beyond impressive and have the ability to control the international market. China was once again in the spotlight when it announced it was coming up with one of the biggest farms in the world.

Surprisingly, it was nothing new for anyone. The reason is that people knew that if China says something, it will surely get it done. And, behold, the farm was complete within several years. Established in 2015, the Mudanjiang City Mega Farm was brought to reality as a result of the Russian ban on dairy products to the EU. It was successfully able to fulfill market needs and demands. Today it contributes significantly to the international market demand. Therefore, let us dig a bit deeper and discover Mudanjiang City Mega Farm.

Mudanjiang City Mega Farm

The Mudanjiang City Mega Farm is located in a prefecture-level city called Mudanjiang. There was a time when it was occupied by the Japanese and called ‘Botankou’. The city over the years due to immense development and progress has created millions of opportunities for the Chinese. While it was occupied by the Japanese, Mudanjiang experienced tremendous growth. At the time, it was overshadowed by Ningan, which was a nearby county town.

After the collapse of the Manchukuo government, the city fell under the control of the Soviet Army. Mudanjiang was a city that was waiting for its chance. It always had a huge potential in terms of economic development considering its climate and geography etc. Therefore, in a few years, it would turn out to be a country that would compete with the most developed cities in the world in terms of development, progress, and growth.

Mudanjiang City Mega Farm

The Mudanjiang City Mega Farm is spread over 22,500,000 acres. It consists of around 100,000 cows and specializes in producing dairy products. As compared to the largest dairy farm in the U.S, the Mudanjiang City Mega Farm is three times bigger. One could simply be blown off by imagining the sheer size of the farm and the fact that it products 800m liters of milk each year.

Furthermore, dairy cows were purchased and imported from New Zealand, Australia, and Uruguay to China. The cows instead of allowed to graze on lands are kept inside and provided a mix of fodder and grains. It is a well-known fact that China is short on land. It needs to be wise with its decisions to create projects. The same was the case with Mudanjiang City Mega Farm as well. Since it was an American based model, it was not suitable for the Chinese System.

In American system farms, the cows are kept inside sheds mostly the entire year and provided limited exposure to the sun. However, the feeds and resting areas of the cows are maintained and carefully looked after. Plus, the cows are milked thrice a day to meet the annual demand.

Moreover, if you were thinking about feeding and breeding, then be assured that the finest techniques are implemented and used to increase yield. As a result, in the past three years, output per cow has increased by 30% from 6 tons to 8 tons a year. Specialists at the company maintain the statistics and data to measure improvement.

The introduction of Mudanjiang City Mega Farm has not only helped Russia with its milk demand but it has increased amongst the Chinese people as well. Although it is said that the majority of Chinese are lactose intolerant but even then the demand for milk is increasing. Today, the Chinese are concentrating on including proteins in their diet.

Final Word

This concludes our article Discover Mudanjiang City Mega Farm. It was one of the biggest highlights of the year 2015. The quality of dairy products produced by this farm is beyond impressive as specialists and professionals are working round the clock to look after the cows and the breeding and feeding process. With Russia demanding a huge quantity every year, it is a matter of time when other countries join as well.