Guide to Vegetable Gardening in Summer

different vegetables inside the trays and baskets

The first thing in mind, perhaps, is to ask, “Is it suitable to grow vegetables in summer? Especially that the temperatures can be very sweltering. The answer is, Yes, when you know what to plant according to your location and your available time and resources for caring for them. Many plants love … Read more

Which Vegetables are the Most Suitable for Container Gardening

spinach sprout in a pot

It’s always guilt-free to consume foods that you know are clean, healthy, freshly cooked, and even freshly picked from the garden. Indeed, your body will receive the full health benefits of it. Eating fresh fruits and vegetables comes with a price, especially when you are eating in a restaurant or a hotel … Read more

Essential Items You Need to Start Your Vegetable Garden

hands carrying vegetables including tomatoes and cucumbers

Whether you are growing ornamental plants, herbs, fruit trees, or vegetables, you need essential things before you can start gardening. Homegrown produce appeals not only to farmers, but to everyone who is health-conscious because primarily of the guilt-free benefit it gives, the therapeutic effect of gardening, and the economic value it has. … Read more

Which Vegetables are Most Suitable for Hanging Baskets?

green lettuce, lettuce leaves

Hanging baskets is a vegetable gardening method that uses the vertical space of gardens to create more garden space. It’s an excellent solution for gardeners who lack horizontal space and use containers instead. As with any other type of container, hanging baskets are great for growing vegetables; but some are specifically suited for it. It’s not … Read more

Styling and Designing Your Vegetable Garden

old man sitting in the middle, tables covered in blue checkered cloth, garden surrounded by circle fruits

Growing your own vegetable garden in your backyard is not just therapeutic but can also be aesthetically pleasing and relaxing. Aside from these, it also saves you money as you are growing your own food and eating fresh supply of vegetables, fruits, and herbs than you can use every day. Before starting your own … Read more

The Basics of Container Gardening

Flowers grown in old containers

From cultivating your own coffee plants so you can enjoy picking the fruits, drying them, and processing until you can enjoy sipping a cup of your coffee every morning to growing your own berries for fresh juicing – container gardening is one sustainable way of maintaining a healthy, practical, and economical living. What container is ideal … Read more