Largest Cattle Ranches in the US

Cattle ranch with animals

The biggest ranches in the world offer a picturesque experience that is unlike any other. In these places, it’s easy to imagine how life may have been during the glory days of the Wild West. The great thing about ranches is that they preserve and protect animals and various endangered species, as … Read more

How Many Farms Are There in the US?

Rice field during golden hour

A farm is a space of land where animals are raised, and crops are developed as a source of food, fiber, and fuel. Individuals who own and work on the ranch are called farmers. A Farm ordinarily has structures where machinery like farm trucks, tractors, and supplies are put away. A few … Read more

Best Plants for Bright Spaces

An indoor plant beside a window

A house becomes a home when you feel an instant comfort the moment you step inside. It should scream your personality and taste in décor. Living in a house is one thing, but to own it, you’ll have to put your heart and soul into it. Some people like to live a … Read more

Which Countries Have the Most Farmland?

Golden field during sunrise

Ever since civilizations started to form, humans have been actively growing crops for their benefit. Farmlands are our basic life necessity. They’re found all around the world. After facing various famines and scientific revolutions, we have expanded the lands we could use for farming. Now, farmlands form the economic backbone of many … Read more

Should I Consider Owning Llamas and Alpacas?

Two llamas with light brown fur

Buying a llama or an alpaca is a jump into the exotic pet world. Most people go for cats or dogs as pets, but a llama or an alpaca can also make for a great pet for your homestead. Unlike regular household pets, the care routine of llamas and alpacas is very … Read more

15 Low-maintenance Indoor Plants

Chinese money plants in pots

Growing plants are not for busy people. Well, this is partially true. Anyone can grow greenery, whether indoor varieties or outdoor types, despite their busy schedule every day, simply because there are plants that are easy-to-grow and requires less commitment. Although you go to your office every day but desire to have … Read more

Best Plants for Dark Rooms

Aglaonema plants

During our childhood, we were taught that plants could not live without the Sun as its their primary source of energy and the one responsible for allowing them to undergo photosynthesis or their food-making process. The truth is, you can grow a ton of indoor plants that are low maintenance, not requiring … Read more

How to Grow Carrots Like a Pro

a close-up carrots growing on a soil

Among many healthiest and most eaten vegetables, carrots are one of the easiest to grow. It will give you abundant crops when you provide them loose, rich soil free of clods and stones and sandy soil during the cold months-spring and fall (carrots can tolerate frost). It will take about 2-4 months … Read more

Tried-and-Tested Herb Gardening Methods

Different culinary herbs

Beginners and expert gardeners use different methods in growing herbs because cultivating them offers many benefits. Perhaps, herbs are the most popular and interesting group of plants to grow. Undoubtedly, for over the centuries, herbs have been used in so many different ways- flavoring for food, aromatherapy, perfume, insect repellant, traditional medicine, … Read more

Guide to Displaying Your Indoor Plants

a co-working space with indoor plants

One of the ways to add life to your boring room or office ambience is by bringing in some indoor plants, either herbs or ornamental flowers.  Indoor plants can enhance the mood and set a calming atmosphere inside the house. Bringing nature into your home or workspace doesn’t just add to aesthetic … Read more