15 Low-maintenance Indoor Plants

Chinese money plants in pots

Growing plants are not for busy people. Well, this is partially true. Anyone can grow greenery, whether indoor varieties or outdoor types, despite their busy schedule every day, simply because there are plants that are easy-to-grow and requires less commitment. Although you go to your office every day but desire to have … Read more

How to Grow Carrots Like a Pro

a close-up carrots growing on a soil

Among many healthiest and most eaten vegetables, carrots are one of the easiest to grow. It will give you abundant crops when you provide them loose, rich soil free of clods and stones and sandy soil during the cold months-spring and fall (carrots can tolerate frost). It will take about 2-4 months … Read more

Tried-and-Tested Herb Gardening Methods

Different culinary herbs

Beginners and expert gardeners use different methods in growing herbs because cultivating them offers many benefits. Perhaps, herbs are the most popular and interesting group of plants to grow. Undoubtedly, for over the centuries, herbs have been used in so many different ways- flavoring for food, aromatherapy, perfume, insect repellant, traditional medicine, … Read more

The Best Easy-to-grow Flowers

various zinnia blossoms

Get your garden ready and be mesmerized by these easy-to-grow flowers. Growing beautiful flowers are easier to think about, but you must stick to these tried-and-true varieties and follow some basic rules. If you are new to growing flowers, carefully follow instructions from the plant’s tag or packets to learn if the … Read more

Common Container Gardening Mistakes You Should Avoid

a tomato seedling with droplets of water

Gardening comes in various methods than the usual and traditional in-ground gardening that we know. There’s aquaponics, hydroponics, raised bed gardening, square foot gardening, straw bale, and container gardening. Whatever method you choose, there are always pros and cons. Container gardening is ideal for maximizing your space, increasing productivity, and utilizing a … Read more