What Is the Lifespan for a Mango Tree?

Dangling Mangoes

The mango tree (Mangifera indica) is well-known for its deliciously sweet fruits that are used in many dishes and desserts. If you happen to like mango and are interested in agriculture, you have probably wondered about their lifespan and how long it takes for a mango tree to bear fruit. You will … Read more

But Plants Need Light, Right? Plants to Keep in Darker Rooms

”A tropical Chinese evergreen houseplant indoors”

Indoor plants make great room additions to make any room in the house livelier and homier. It’s easy to assume that most house plants need to be put in areas near windows, but that’s not the case! Plenty of homes struggle with getting much life-giving sun indoors, but that’s not a reason … Read more

Which Countries Produce the Most Food?

A woman farmer carrying corn in two baskets

While food is one of the most basic economic goods, only a few countries in the world excel in agricultural production. Most agricultural products require a lot of land area, which only a few largest countries have in abundance.  The four major food-producing countries in the world are China, India, the US, … Read more

How do I Tell if My Houseplant is Getting Too Much Water?

Several small potted plants on a wooden table

It may sound simple but watering your houseplant has its do’s and don’ts. Watering their plants is something many people struggle with doing correctly. This is because there are many variables that a person needs to counter to make sure the plant does not die because of excessive or insufficient water.  Overwatering … Read more

How Many Farms Are There in the US?

Rice field during golden hour

A farm is a space of land where animals are raised, and crops are developed as a source of food, fiber, and fuel. Individuals who own and work on the ranch are called farmers. A Farm ordinarily has structures where machinery like farm trucks, tractors, and supplies are put away. A few … Read more

How Big of a Garden do I Need for My Family?

A huge garden with several trees, chairs, and a table

Planning out a garden for your own family can be a bit technical, but it is worth the time and effort. Depending upon your family size and your current garden, you might need some extra space to fulfill your dream of an optimal garden.  Are you tired of buying and eating fruits … Read more

Best Plants for Bright Spaces

An indoor plant beside a window

A house becomes a home when you feel an instant comfort the moment you step inside. It should scream your personality and taste in décor. Living in a house is one thing, but to own it, you’ll have to put your heart and soul into it. Some people like to live a … Read more

How Much Fruit Does an Apple Tree Produce?

Red apples on tree

An apple a day keeps the doctor away, a well-known saying that reveals the significance of this fruit bestowed upon us, a simple blessing in disguise. It is a pome with lavish red, green and yellow skin that covers the ripened edible ovary. Their diameter falls around 5 to 10cm when harvested.  … Read more

Tips for Keeping from Getting Stung When Raising Bees

Top view of bees putting honey

Why do you think people raise bees? One of the main reasons is the extraction of fresh and natural honey to consume and sell. People often keep many hives to run their businesses as it can also be a source of income rather than just a hobby. Bees play an important role … Read more

How Much Fruit Does a Mango Tree Produce?

A person with their arms folded, wearing a hat standing in front of a mango tree

The name mango is derived from the Latin word Mangifera indica; If we translate it, it means mango-bearing plants and trees from India. At first, the Indians used to call mango Aamra-phalam, but later it became mango. In other countries, mango is also pronounced and known as mangot, mangou, mangue, and manga.  … Read more