Do you have a termite problem at home? Look for these signs!

Unlike mosquitos or bed bugs, termites don’t bite. That doesn’t mean you can allow these small insects to thrive on your property. Most homeowners in Austin know that termites are not rare in the city, and many people have spent huge on damages caused by these bugs. If you believe that you have a termite situation at home, visit this page and call a local pest control company immediately. Here are some signs to identify termites.

  1. Damage to the structure. Termites can cause massive structural damage, and you are likely to see the first signs around doors and windows. These insects chew wood, which can cause door and window frames to warp, making it hard to close the openings. There could be other reasons for similar concerns, and it is best to ask pest control experts to do an inspection.
  2. Damage to wallpapers and drywalls. Termites can create tunnels inside wooden structures, and you may find pin holes on your drywalls, painted areas, and even wallpapers. You may find that the paint in some parts of the house has started to bubble up, or the wallpapers are peeling off for no reason. It may be necessary to remove damaged wallpapers to see the damage inside.
  3. Mud tubs. There are different species of termites, and some are known to create mud tubes to keep their exoskeletons moist. If you find mud tubes around the house, appearing like narrow veins, ensure that you ask an exterminator to check for evident signs of infestation. When the mud tubes are outside the house, you can break a few to see if there are live termites roaming inside these tubes.
  4. Termite droppings. Like other pests, termites are also known to leave behind droppings, which are also known as frass. You are more likely to see pellet-like droppings around or outside the house if you have a case of dry wood termite infestation.

Call pest control immediately

No matter what type of termites you are dealing with, get a pest control company immediately to fix the concern. Keep in mind that termites can multiply quickly, and in a short time, these insects can cause unprecedented damage to your wooden structures. It is also wise to get a yearly inspection by experts to ensure that you don’t already have an underlying case of infestation. By the time you see the signs, things are in a worse condition than you think.