How do I Tell if My Houseplant is Getting Too Much Water?

Several small potted plants on a wooden table

It may sound simple but watering your houseplant has its do’s and don’ts. Watering their plants is something many people struggle with doing correctly. This is because there are many variables that a person needs to counter to make sure the plant does not die because of excessive or insufficient water.  Overwatering … Read more

How to Grow Strawberries in Containers?

strawberry plants with their green and red fruits

Heads up, strawberry lovers! You love strawberry juice, strawberry buttermilk sherbet, strawberry cakes, strawberry galettes, strawberry cocktails, and perhaps, you love to use a strawberry vinegar in your cooking. Your love for strawberries just a perfect motivation to grow your own strawberries and pick fresh fruits from your garden. If you are … Read more

Guide to Creating Your Own Mini Zen Garden

An arching wooden bridge with water flowing below it, and green trees and shrubs all around

Let’s learn a little history Amidst chaotic surroundings, of life’s hustle and bustle, we look for ways to maintain peace in our inner beings, and having a Zen Garden, is simply one of the excellent and practical ways. A zen garden is relatively just a small garden surrounded by a wall intended … Read more

Common Square Foot Gardening Mistakes to Avoid

raised garden bed of lettuce, tomatoes, basil, marigolds, zinnias, garlic chives, zucchini

Every gardener would fall in love with the idea of square foot gardening simply because of its simplicity, space-saving quality, and efficiency. Setting up your first square foot garden can be challenging at first, but once you get the hang of it, the possibilities become endless. For starters, a square foot garden requires the … Read more

Square Foot vs Container: Things You Should Know Before Building Your Garden

plant seedlings

Gardening has been gathering attention recently as more and more people flex their Instagram-worthy gardens all over social media platforms. Most popular of these are square foot and container gardens. Square foot gardening is a technique developed by Mel Bartholomew who incorporated his engineering skills and ideas to gardening back in the 1980s. … Read more

Which Vegetables are the Most Suitable for Container Gardening

spinach sprout in a pot

It’s always guilt-free to consume foods that you know are clean, healthy, freshly cooked, and even freshly picked from the garden. Indeed, your body will receive the full health benefits of it. Eating fresh fruits and vegetables comes with a price, especially when you are eating in a restaurant or a hotel … Read more

Which Vegetables are Most Suitable for Hanging Baskets?

green lettuce, lettuce leaves

Hanging baskets is a vegetable gardening method that uses the vertical space of gardens to create more garden space. It’s an excellent solution for gardeners who lack horizontal space and use containers instead. As with any other type of container, hanging baskets are great for growing vegetables; but some are specifically suited for it. It’s not … Read more

Guide to Container Gardening in Tight Spaces

red chili pepper plant in a pot with a black heart design

Growing fruits, flowers, herbs or vegetables do not require a huge space. As long as you have the right soil, sunlight, good air circulation, seeds, seedlings or cuttings to plant, and containers, then you are ready for a fun container gardening! When you engage yourself in the fun and wonderful world of … Read more

Beginner’s Guide to Square Foot Gardening

4x8 raised bed

You would be lying to yourself if you say you have never thought of growing your food in your own backyard, well, not at least once. All of us have ‘fantasized’ it – producing and eating our own homegrown veggies and herbs without having to deal with all the hassle at the … Read more

The Basics of Container Gardening

Flowers grown in old containers

From cultivating your own coffee plants so you can enjoy picking the fruits, drying them, and processing until you can enjoy sipping a cup of your coffee every morning to growing your own berries for fresh juicing – container gardening is one sustainable way of maintaining a healthy, practical, and economical living. What container is ideal … Read more